Friday, January 17, 2014

Mulvane Historical Museum

I had a chance to drop in to the historical museum while I was in Mulvane, KS, today.  I was impressed -- it's a very nice little museum that makes very good use of the little rooms in its old railroad depot.

They don't have genealogy resources, per se, but they do have a LOT of photographs, and many of them are accompanied by a little one paragraph profile of the people or organizations in the picture.  In addition, they have some old yearbooks and school pictures, and copies of a history of Mulvane that was done about 1975.  Mulvane started as a railroad town, and there's a lot of information about railroad life there, as well.

I'm told that the Mulvane newspaper is being digitized and should start being available this coming year.

If you have Mulvane research questions, you should definitely call the museum -- Vicki would love to try to help!

Mulvane Historical Museum
300 West Main
Mulvane, KS 67110