Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obligatory 1940 Census Post

1) I tried to get on the NARA site on Monday and failed.

2) Once Kansas was posted on, I found 4 grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, 2 aunts and some assorted cousins in the first ED I looked in, even though there were a couple of candidate EDs.

3) I'm going to wait until the indexing is done to look for my Ohio folks.  I don't know the area well enough to figure out EDs.

4) Instead, I've been indexing.  It's very relaxing.

5) For some reason, I had a flash back to the release of the 1930 census.  Outside the genealogy room at the library there was a map of Kansas with the counties marked... the genealogy society was trying to raise money to buy microfilm and were asking people to sponsor individual counties.  I don't remember how long it took to raise the money for all the films, but it seems like it took most of the summer.  How times have changed!